Monday, October 13, 2008

Add Web Part to SharePoint with F# Script

In building deployment scripts for SharePoint, there are times when I want to automate the deployment of webparts by building a script to automatically add web parts to specific web pages. I found a book that talked about writing these types of scripts in Mark Gerow's SharePoint 2007 Development Recipes, which had many other useful examples of scripting SharePoint 2007. He's already written a C# version of this script that I've decided to implement in F# for contrast.

Here's the F# version of the code:

#I @"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\ISAPI"
#r @"Microsoft.SharePoint.dll"

open Microsoft.SharePoint
open Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages
open System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts
open System.Xml

let addWebPart page wp zone order pscope (web:SPWeb) =
let webparts = (page, pscope) |> web.GetLimitedWebPartManager
(wp,zone,order) |> webparts.AddWebPart
wp |> webparts.SaveChanges

let disableCheckout (splist:SPList) spOperation =
let oldvalue = splist.ForceCheckout
splist.ForceCheckout <- false


splist.ForceCheckout <- oldvalue

let spUnsafeUpdate spOperation (siteurl:string) (webname:string) doclib =
let site = new SPSite(siteurl)
let web = site.OpenWeb(webname)
web.AllowUnsafeUpdates <- true

// Disable versioning when updating Document Library
match doclib with
| "" ->
spOperation web
| _ ->
<| web.Lists.Item(doclib)
<| spOperation web


let siteurl = "http://localhost/"
let webname = "recipes"
let doclibName=""

// Add page viewer web part
let viewer = new PageViewerWebPart(SourceType=PathPattern.URL,

// Add webpart using unsafe updates...
// Experimenting with ranges of expression with F#'s pipeline operators.
// Traditional format for the following code would be
// spUnsafeUpdate siteurl webname doclibName (addWebPart "Default.aspx" editor "Right" 0 Personalization.Shared)
<| "Default.aspx"
<| viewer
<| "Left"
<| 0
<| PersonalizationScope.Shared
|> spUnsafeUpdate
<| siteurl
<| webname
<| doclibName

// Add content editor web part
let xmlDoc = new XmlDocument()
let xmlElem = xmlDoc.CreateElement("xmlElem")
xmlElem.InnerText <- "Test content editor web part"
let editor = new ContentEditorWebPart(Content=xmlElem)

<| "Default.aspx"
<| editor
<| "Right"
<| 0
<| PersonalizationScope.Shared
|> spUnsafeUpdate
<| siteurl
<| webname
<| doclibName

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