Friday, February 08, 2013

Clojure Script to Convert Java GC log to CSV Format

My previous blog post showed how to use R to perform Java GC log analysis. Ajit Joglekar asked that I post the Clojure script. Here's the Clojure script that I used to convert GC log to CSV format. I have not tested this with a wide variety of GC logs but I do know that this script will not work for CMS or G1GC gc logs. Modify minor-gc-pattern and full-gc-pattern to match the gc log output as needed.

(use '[clojure.string :only (join)])  

; Match for pause time "0.1566980 secs]"
(def ^:constant pause-time "([\\d\\.]+) secs\\]")

; Match for Java heap space stat "524288K->32124K(2009792K)"
(def ^:constant space "(\\d+)K->(\\d+)K\\((\\d+)K\\)")

; Match for Execution stat "[Times: user=0.24 sys=0.06, real=0.16 secs]"
(def ^:constant exec-stat " \\[Times: user=([\\d\\.]+) sys=([\\d\\.]+), real=([\\d\\.]+) secs\\]")

; Example Minor GC entry   
; 212.785: [GC [PSYoungGen: 524288K->32124K(611648K)] 524288K->32124K(2009792K), 0.1566980 secs] [Times: user=0.24 sys=0.06, real=0.16 secs] 
; Define regex pattern to parse young gen GC event
(defn minor-gc-pattern []
  (let [timestamp  "([\\d\\.]+): \\[GC .*\\[PS.*: "
        young-gen   (str space "] ")
        heap        (str space ", ")]
    (re-pattern (str timestamp young-gen  heap pause-time exec-stat))))                

; Example Full GC entry   
;"43587.513: [Full GC (System) [PSYoungGen: 964K->0K(598912K)] [PSOldGen: 142673K->120674K(1398144K)] 143637K->120674K(1997056K) [PSPermGen: 82179K->82179K(147520K)], 0.7556570 secs] [Times: user=0.76 sys=0.00, real=0.77 secs]"
; Define the regex pattern to parse each line in gc log
(defn full-gc-pattern []
    (let [timestamp   "([\\d\\.]+): \\[Full.*"
          young-gen  (str ": " space "]")
          old-gen    (str " \\[\\w+: " space "\\] ")
          perm-gen   (str " \\[\\w+: "space "\\], ")
          heap       space]
         (re-pattern (str timestamp 
; Variable definitions (for both process-full-gc & process-minor-gc
;     ts - timestamp (in seconds)
;     ys - YoungGen space starting heap size (in KB)
;     ye - YoungGen space ending heap size (in KB)
;     ym - YoungGen space max heap size (in KB)
;     os - OldGen space starting heap size (in KB)
;     oe - OldGen space ending heap size (in KB)
;     om - OldGen space max heap size (in KB)
;     hs - Total heap space starting heap size (in KB)
;     he - Total heap space ending heap size (in KB)
;     hm - Total heap space max heap size (in KB)
;     pt - GC Pause Time (in seconds)
;     ps - PermGen space starting heap size (in KB)
;     pe - PermGen space ending heap size (in KB)
;     pm - PermGen space max heap size (in KB)
;     ut - User Time (in seconds)
;     kt - Kernel Time (in seconds)
;     rt - Real Time (in seconds)
(defn process-full-gc [entry]
  (let [[a ts ys ye ym os oe om hs he hm ps pe pm pt ut kt rt & e] entry]
    (join \, [ts "full" pt 
              ys ye ym 
              hs he hm 
              ut kt rt 
              os oe om 
              ps pe pm])))
(defn process-minor-gc [entry]
  (let [[a ts ys ye ym hs he hm pt ut kt rt & e] entry]
    (join \, [ts "minor" pt 
              ys ye ym 
              hs he hm 
              ut kt rt])))

(def headers (join \,  ["timestamp" "gc.type" "pause.time"
                        "young.start" "young.end" "young.max"
                        "heap.start" "heap.end" "heap.max"
                        "time.user" "time.sys" "time.real"
                        "old.start" "old.end" "old.max"
                        "perm.start" "perm.end" "perm.max"]))    

(defn process-gc-file [infile outfile]
  (let [gcdata (line-seq ( ( infile)))]
    (with-open [w ( outfile)]
      (let [writeln (fn [x] (.write w (str x "\n")))]
        (writeln headers)
        (doseq [line gcdata]
          (let [minor-gc (re-seq (minor-gc-pattern) line)
                full-gc  (re-seq (full-gc-pattern) line)]
            (when-not (nil? full-gc) 
              (writeln (process-full-gc (first full-gc))))
            (when-not (nil? minor-gc) 
              (writeln (process-minor-gc (first minor-gc))))))))))

; Convert Java GC log csv format
(process-gc-file "gc.log" "data.csv")

You can download the script directly here : gcanalysis.clj.


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